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Bible Meditation Podcast

Oct 6, 2018

Learn of an ancient practice of dwelling on God’s Word using Lectio Divina. The Six Stages of Lectio Divina include:

Silencio - Silence 

Lectio - Reading 

Meditatio- Meditation

Contemplatio - Contemplation

Incarnatio - Incarnation or Living 

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They provide practical steps to follow also:

1. Find a quiet place with uninterrupted time, at least 15 minutes.

2. Select a short passage, perhaps a Psalm.

3. Focus on the passage.

4. Embrace a mindset that you are coming to God’s Word to engage God.

5. Close your eyes and invite the Holy Spirit to be your guide.

6. If you get distracted, simply bring yourself back. 

Background music from “Soul Breaker” by Alex Mason & The Minor Emotions.

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