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Bible Meditation Podcast

Oct 27, 2018

Last week we discussed journaling. Today we link that to Bible Journaling. Bible Journaling is a spritual practices that affords you the opportunity to slow down and get creative with God’s Word. While this is not a new practice, it has become popular in the last decade. Many resources are available for you to explore. In the episode we reference: - the website for Visual Faith Ministries

You can also purchase a Journaling Bible on line, my favorite that only includes wide margins is the “ESV Single-Column Journaling Bible”. Another of my favorites is actually considered a Coloring Bible because it has typography and imagery already included that the reader simply colors or embellishes. The version of Coloring Bible I have is called “Inspire”. Both of these books are available from: 

I hope you enjoy this episode and the creativity it introduces to your spiritual journey!

Background music from “Soul Breaker” by Alex Mason & The Minor Emotions.

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